Bushwalking around the Colo River

Here is an article on a group who walked the length of the Colo from the Sydney Morning Herald Thur 1st February 1934, page 10. The group completed this walk in 12 days, which, without the aid of modern equipment sounds like a remarkable effort.

The Colo still presents some challenging and excellent bushwalking opportunites and suits all grades from novice to expereinced walkers. There are some excellent resources available to bushwalkers and I have included some information below.

The most comon walks in the Colo river area are:

  1. Bob Turner’s track to Colo River and return.
  2. Mountain Lagoon to Colo-Meroo camping ground and return.
  3. Mountain Lagoon T3 track.

Walking Links

  1. Tom Brennan’s website lists his experience on a number of Colo walks
  2. This is an article from the SMH (SMH 20th Sept 2010) regarding a group of novices who tried to canoe from Canoe creek to the Upper Colo Reserve in a weekend. Needless to say they were several days overdue and rescue teams were dispatched.


  1. The Colo Wilderness on Foot – Anthony Dunk
    This is a very good guide to common (and not so common) walks in the Colo area.
  2. Colo River Passes and Routes – Brian Corlis
    This book catalogues all the passes into the upper Colo. This is for experienced walkers with advanced navigation skills and is an essential resource if you want to explore the upper reaches of the Colo. Brian Corlis has very generously made his book available on request to interested bushwalkers who are willing to preserve the Colo environment by clicking the link below:

Yes, please, I would like a free copy of Colo River Passes and Routes

Thank you Mr Corils for making this available to the bushwalking community!

Img for Colo River Routes and Passes